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Weight Loss Package Details

Packages Duration Diet Charts Follow-ups with Dietitian
Rs. 15000 + 18% GST 1 Month 2 Charts Regular
Rs. 25000 + 18% GST 2 Months 4 Charts Regular
Rs. 35000 + 18% GST 3 Months 6+1 Charts Regular


There are multiple ways of losing weight safely and an online weight loss diet program is one of them.

It helps you to gain the right amount of nutrition while shedding a few kilos.

Whether you have recently put on some weight or have chronic obesity, a proper weight loss diet can help you stay fit and gorgeous.

However, there are plenty of methods of losing weight through diet and most of these have conflicts with each other.

Some diet plans show faster results but are very difficult to follow while some are long-term and yet sustainable. Here, we will explore some important facts related to weight loss nutrition.

Reasons for Choosing Online Weight Loss Nutrition Fitness Program

For many of us, a sedentary lifestyle is the main reason for massive weight gain. Along with obesity, the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other complications may arise from it. 

However, one can get a complete solution from a balanced and nutrition-rich weight loss diet.

Secondly, there are some medical procedures and treatments that demand the patient to lose weight.

For these patients, losing weight becomes compulsory and only the nutrition experts can suggest to them the best plan based on various factors such as their age, weight, and physical condition.

Thirdly, staying fit and active can be an important reason for choosing a weight loss diet.

Whether you belong to professions like modeling and acting or simply want to look glamorous, a weight loss diet can be your ultimate goal to achieve success.

Benefits of Weight Loss Nutrition

There are numerous benefits that you’ll gain from a weight loss diet plan if you take the proper amount of nutrients.

You will gain more energy that will reflect in your overall persona and activities. If you suffer from headaches or chronic migraines, the symptoms can slowly vanish once you drop the kilos.

For some people, weight loss reduces stress, anxiety, and other complications related to mental health.

People with high blood sugar, diabetes type 2, and high blood pressure have noticed better results after losing weight. Also, weight loss can lead to a better immune system.

Calorie Count

Weight loss nutrition typically follows a low-calorie diet plan. Calories are the sources of energy we require to perform daily activities.

An excess amount of calories means an excessive amount of body weight. Hence, the nutritionists calculate how many calories you need per day and based on it, plan your diet.

Foods to Eat for Fitness

The foods and fluids we consume contain nutrients, which are the main sources of our energy, power, and health. Carbohydrate is one such macronutrient that provides us energy and a proper weight loss plan often follows a low carb diet.

The carbohydrates we consume are broken down as glucose and an excess amount can lead to weight gain. 

Foods such as rice, bread, grains, potatoes, milk, and vegetables contain carbohydrates.

Multigrain, oats, quinoa, bulgur wheat, and brown rice are the best cereals for a weight loss diet. These contain a lower amount of carb and yet keep us full for long hours.

Secondly, proteins are the macronutrients that enrich our muscles and tissues. For people following a low-carb weight loss diet, the consumption of protein-rich foods is very important. The main sources of protein are eggs, milk, meat, seafood, and some plant-based foods.

Though unsaturated fat is good for health, it is important to eliminate fat from the diet plan or keep it in a very low amount.

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients and for individuals following a weight loss plan these two substances are quite essential. Fruits and vegetables have most of these substances and consumption of these are recommended by experts.

Foods to Avoid

Foods that have an excess amount of carbohydrates and fat are to be avoided.

Butter, cheese, cream, oils, fried food, pasta, pizza are some foods that you need to avoid while following this diet.

Glucose Level Assisted Monitoring Diet for Fitness

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