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Hello Caption, the 30 days challenge was superb amazing mam. UR a sweet chocolate mam n I am going to miss u a lot Caption. The way u guide was so inspiring, that every one of us can understand what is right ,wrong n then adopt in our daily routine. Many things have changed in my life firtly nutrition, self care n also child nutrition.Really miss UR daily videos Caption .😘😘😘

Poornima Banada

One of best dietitian in Banglore., which is managed by sandal wood celebrity Jaggesh’s wife Parimala jaggesh.

pawan n

I took 30 days challenge. Reason for joining was to lose weight. Firstly, I would like to thank Dr. Parimala madam for being very kind, motivating and supporting others to live a healthy lifestyle. I gained so many information like visceral fat, cortisol etc.. I never came across these words before and now I know what it means, how it can affect us and how to get rid of it. Also, I could watch the video whenever I wanted. Beautiful voice and very well detailed explanation about the topic she discussed. I loved the pointers she suggested and lots of tricks shared to reduce sugar intake. I will think two times before consuming sugar..🤯
Worth joining..💕
Once again thank you madam..💖 I am lucky to be a part of the team..

Best Wishes,
Soujanya B C

Soujanya Bangalore Chamundaiah
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