How to Create Your Weight Loss Diet Chart for Females

Meal plans or diet charts can sound too complicated to be put together by yourself. 

Though you can always follow a diet plan you find online, following a weight loss diet chart for females that is created by a nutritionist is always a better choice.

You always find diet charts that assign females with approximately 1200 calorie intake per day, but the number can change based on your lifestyle and how active you are. 

If you work out, you can always eat 1500 calories per day and burn the 300 calories with ease. 

If you are wondering how you can create a weight loss diet chart for females, below are a few tips that can help you get started.

#1 Never Stick to Calorie Counting

Most of the diet plans have a calorie intake goal. Though this is not wrong, you need to know the right way to do it. Instead of limiting yourself to eating certain calories every day, you need to create a diet plan that takes care of the nutritional needs of your body.

Such a diet chart boosts your energy levels, does not restrict you, and allows you to eat what you like in moderation. You need to consider factors like your age, your health condition, and your daily physical activity before you do this. And, remember no one plan fits all. 

#2 Calculate the Macros

This is one step that is ignored by many women. A healthy diet is not only about what and how you eat.

It helps your body obtain all that it needs to melt the fat, keep you active and grow that muscle. Macros or macronutrients like fats, proteins, and carbs prevent you from feeling tired. One rule you can follow is to include 30% fat, 25% carbs, and 40% of protein into your diet. 

#3 Find the Right Foods

Once you are clear about what you need to eat and how much, you need to take time to find the right foods for the same. If you find foods that you love to eat, the weight loss journey becomes easy and keeps you motivated. 

Make sure to browse online for some new recipes and add nutrient-rich foods to your diet. You can even make a list of all those foods you love and add new veggies or fruits as you progress with your diet plan. 

#4 Make a Note of a Lot of Recipes

Once you are ready to start your diet plan based on the diet chart you created, it is time you start stocking up on the recipes along with the ingredients. Having a good variety of recipes will help you stay on track and plan your menu a week ahead. However, make sure to pay attention to the preparation methods and the portion sizes. 

You can even customize a recipe based on your food preferences. If you have a sweet tooth you can always include the low-calorie recipes of desserts or baked goods. Those who love to eat out often can also check the nutritional information of the foods on the menu before ordering. 

#5 Create a Schedule

The time you eat is your meal plays an important part in your weight loss journey. Women often ignore the time as they get occupied with household chores and work. 

The human body goes through a cycle every day and these affect how the stomach contents are metabolized. If you have an existing medical condition, the body functions can always change how the meals are processed by your body. 

Your diet plan should not be the typical three meals a day as it does not work. You can space your meals or snacks at least 3-4 hours apart. By doing so, you do not feel hungry often, and you do not look for unhealthy food options. 

If you already have a condition like diabetes, it can always impact how and when you eat. So, make sure to have a word with your doctor before creating your weight loss diet chart. 

#6 Make Sure to Track and Adjust

It always helps to keep a track of your diet plan as it helps you analyze how effective it is. If a particular meal is not working for you, you can always replace it to meet your weight loss goal. Make sure to track weekly and make adjustments as necessary. 


Achieving weight loss requires a much-planned diet chart, which balances the right amount of calories and nutrients required for your body. Make sure to include exercises and activities in your diet chart for sustained energy and consistent weight loss. Remember that maintaining that balance is always the key.

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