7 Foods to Avoid if You are Feeling Bloated

Bloating is a common stomach problem that makes us feel gassy, lethargic, and uncomfortable. It can be caused by various reasons, starting from indigestion to constipation, allergies, and lactose intolerance. 

So, the main reason for bloating is our eating habits. If you are feeling bloated often, you can consult a nutritionist in Bangalore to improve your eating habits first. It’s important to check the foods you include in your diet so that you can control them naturally. 

So, to help you with it, we are suggesting 7 foods that you need to avoid if you’re feeling bloated.

#1 Junk Food

Besides adding more calories, fried foods and fizzy drinks do much more harm to your body. Junk foods are not easily digested and hence, can cause bloating. The aerated drinks known as soft drinks contain carbon-di-oxide in high amounts, which gets trapped in the digestive system causing bloating. So, these are a stick no if you want to improve your health.

#2 Beans or Legumes

Rich in fiber, beans and legumes can prevent constipation but take a long time to digest. During the time they get fermented in the intestine, you may feel bloated. For this particular reason, beans or legumes are soaked in water for many hours before we cook them. You need to always follow the same method to cook them so that you can avoid bloating.

#3 Lentils

Just like beans, some kinds of lentils such as arhar dal (pigeon beans) and chana dal (chickpeas) take a long time to digest as they contain short-chain carbohydrates. These lentils do not suit some people as well. So, you need to first see whether these lentils suit you. If you feel bloated after eating them, it is better to avoid them and then see how you feel.

#4 Cauliflower and Broccoli

Though these are full of essential vitamins and minerals, bloating can happen when you eat these veggies. It is because cauliflower and broccoli contain a kind of sugar that gets digested only in the gut and may cause gas. Avoiding them from your diet can lead to a significant lack of nutrients. If you consult a nutritionist in Bangalore, you will get alternative food options that’ll add to your nutrition.

#5 Onions and Garlic

Many of us cannot imagine a delicious recipe without these two key ingredients. However, the reality is, onion and garlic contain fructans or soluble fibres that can cause bloating. So, if you are feeling bloated, you need to keep a check on their intake. Your nutritionist will help you with some amazing recipes without onion and garlic that’ll taste equally yummy for sure.

#6 Wheat and Grains

Even if you can tolerate gluten and don’t need a wheat-free diet, you may feel bloated from the consumption of wheat and some types of grains. Being a high source of fiber, they can be difficult to digest sometimes. Hence, if you are prone to bloating, keep a check on your wheat and grains intake. Consulting a nutritionist will be helpful in finding alternative staples that are safe and easy to digest.

#7 Dairy Products

While milk and dairy products are consumed by the majority of people, these can be the reason for gas and bloating for some people who are known as lactose intolerant. It is a condition when someone cannot digest the milk sugars known as lactose. 

For people with lactose intolerance, consumption of milk can lead to gas, bloating, and even cramping. You need to avoid dairy products if you are feeling bloated because of them.

Now that you know which foods you should avoid when feeling bloated, go ahead and make the most of it. 

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